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There is really no rhyme or reason to what books I read, just whatever piques my interest at the time. This will be an attempt to chronicle these random reads.

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City of Screams: A Short Story Exclusive

City of Screams - Rebecca Cantrell, James Rollins A pretty entertaining, quick read that builds to one thrilling set piece and serves as an introduction to Rollins and Cantrell's new collaborative series. I liked this intro enough that I will most likely be picking up the first actual book in the series, [b:The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series|15820475|The Blood Gospel The Order of the Sanguines Series|James Rollins|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355908360s/15820475.jpg|21545770], when I am in the mood for an action/adventure type of read.